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Remarks by Consul General Mr. Zha Liyou on 110th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Kotnis

October 10th, 2020 marks the 110th birth anniversary of Dr. DWARKNATH S. KOTNIS. Various programs were held by West Bengal Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee and 14 branch organizations to commemorate this great doctor. At the invitation of Mr. Gantait, President of West Bengal Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee, Consul General Mr. Zha Liyou sent a commemoration letter, which was read out by Mr. Shyamal Ghosh, the General Secretary, during the online commemoration meeting held by the organization.

Mr. Zha Liyou mentioned, during China’s most difficult time, Dr. Kotnis fought with Chinese people, saved hundreds of lives of Chinese soldiers, and made his highest sacrifice by giving his life for the cause of Chinese people’s liberation movement. Dr. Kotnis, the brave son of India, and the great friend of China, will be remembered as eternal bond between the two countries.

Mr. Zha Liyou pointed out, when we commemorate Dr. Kotnis, we should not forget Dr. Basu, the comrade of Dr. Kotnis and also a great humanist. It’s Dr. Basu that promoted heroic deeds and spirit of Dr. Kotnis around India, introduced, spread and developed acupuncture therapy in India for large masses of common people, which also established a bridge of friendship between India and China. Dr. Basu chose to donate his 3-storey house and 3 lakhs rupee to Government of West Bengal for development of acupuncture in the last days of his life, which is very touching. It’s also admirable that Mr. Gantait and other disciples of Dr. Basu inherited the spirit of Dr. Kotnis and Dr. Basu by promoting Chinese acupuncture and China-India friendship relentlessly in the past decades.

Mr. Zha Liyou emphasized the year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and India, and contemporary China-India relation calls for “Dr. Kotnis spirit”. Early this year when China was first hit by Covid 19, many Indian friends donated masks and medical supplies, and made heartwarming videos to support Chinese people in fighting against the disease. One courageous Indian doctor called Amish Vyas chose to stay in Hangzhou, China to fight coronavirus despite his mother's pleas to return home. Later when the virus spread to India, local Chinese companies provided necessary assistance to help those in need, which exemplify genuine friendship between people of our two nations. Although we face some challenges in bilateral relations currently, people from both countries need friendship and peace not war and conflicts, so it is the duty of each and every friend to work hard to strengthen the ties between China and India.

In the end, Mr. Zha Liyou expressed the willingness to continue to support West Bengal Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee and provide necessary assistance in promoting training and exchange programs of acupuncturists.

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