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Statement on Erroneous Remarks on COVID-19

Chinese Consulate in Kolkata noted erroneous remarks by West Bengal State BJP President Dilip Ghosh that "Coronavirus is God's revenge against China", which was released by Indian Express on March 10. We strongly condemn this ridiculous and irresponsible statement that is totally contrary to basic common sense.

Epidemic is the common enemy of mankind. People in all countries are victims of COVID-19, and it is still unclear where the virus is originated. According to Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a prominent scientist who is leading a government-appointed panel of experts to help control the coronavirus outbreak, even though the epidemic was first reported in China, it didn't necessarily originate there. At present, people from all over the world are working together to fight COVID-19 and the World Health Organization has repeatedly stated that stigma is more dangerous than the disease itself. At this critical moment, such irresponsible remarks to create gimmicks is really a despicable practice and hurt many East Indian friends who have shown their love and support for China.

China’s bold measures to control COVID-19 are extremely successful. In the fight against the epidemic, China's speed, scale, and spirit have been widely praised by the international community. On March 10 alone, 1578 new cases were cured in mainland China. Until March 10, a total of 61475 patients have been discharged from hospital after recovery. At present, the positive trend in the prevention and control work is expanding, and the spread of the disease has been basically curbed. There have been no new confirmed cases for 5 consecutive days in other cities of Hubei except Wuhan, and no new confirmed cases in Provinces other than Hubei for 3 consecutive days. Economic production and school education are resumed step by step based on the principle of enhancing targeted prevention and control. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, pointed out that China’s strong measures not only controlled the spread of the epidemic in China, but also prevented it from spreading to other countries, setting a new benchmark for countries around the world to fight against the epidemic.

China assumes its due responsibilities. For the health and safety of people around the world, Chinese people have made huge sacrifices and significant contributions to slowing down the spread of the virus and winning time for the world to get prepared. Although China is still fighting against the epidemic, in the spirit of shared destiny of mankind, China has provided medical supplies for affected countries such as South Korea and Japan, and sent medical experts to Iran and Iraq to help these countries control the epidemic. Besides, China will provide Italy with necessary medical materials and equipment that are urgently needed even though China itself at present still needs a large amount of medical materials.

In recent years, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Modi have met several times, and reached broad consensus on the overarching, long-term and strategic issues of bilateral importance. We hope Indian friends, regardless of political parties, follow the instructions of leaders of our two countries, and cherish the friendship that doesn’t come easily.

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