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Ten Days and Ten Nights in China

Candid Photos from the Wuhan Epidemic Suddenly Released: These 10 Days and 10 Nights of Tragic Heroism Exposes the China You Don't Know about

(Resources: https://new.qq.com/rain/a/20200208A06Y7C)

Interpreters: Jun WU; Jennifer Yu Zhao;

Last night, the Wechat moments were flooded.

The exciting good news came from Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital:

Just now, Huoshenshan Hospital admitted and treated the first group of patients!

10 days and 10 nights, 34000 square meters, 1000 beds, the battle was finally won.

From a muddy swamp, a wonder of the world was erected.

Behind the "incredible speed of China", stood the concerted efforts of 7000 do-or-die

construction workers.

Because racing against time is just the same as racing against the epidemic.

Since the news broke last night, patients have already been admitted to the hospital and in stable condition.

Huoshenshan Hospital has been equipped with the world's most advanced air treatment system.

This means that the air delivered to the ward has been filtered, disinfected, sterilized, and aerated.

Each room is equipped with a bathroom, shower, and TV to ease the patients' mood.

For the Wuhan residents living under the shadow of the epidemic, this undoubtedly brings a powerful peace of mind.

No wonder countless people from all over the world say:

"10 days! To build world-class infectious disease hospital, I bet God is Chinese."

Behind the pride

A set of candid photos were suddenly released to the internet.

The 10 days and 10 nights' tragic heroism you never could have imagined ...

At the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital, a worker from Weifang Shandong province was injured,

His fingers was cut by the steel bars, blood was flowing, but he didn't want to stop working at all.

His co-workers tried to convince him to go to the hospital and rest, why work so hard?!

He covered his crushed fingers and said:

To complete the work 1 minute earlier is to save a patient's life 1 minute earlier.

This February in Wuhan was extraordinarily wet and cold,

when they became drowsy, they curled up on the icy iron pipes, and fell asleep.

They are really too exhausted, every second of rest is extravagant.

The angel in white (doctors and nurses) were fighting the disease, and they were racing against time.

The statement "no restriction on gender" allowed countless heroines to emerge!

"They said "no restrictions on gender", so we're here."

An older worker who had not slept for 48 hours said to the reporter:

"I don't dare to sleep, to take advantage of construction period is to save the lives of others!"

There were no miracles in Huoshenshan Hospital, only those do-or-die Chinese workers.

Illness kills people every day,

and they are stealing back people's lives from the demon of sickness.

To complete Huoshenshan Hospital one day earlier, might save one more patient's life.

A master Liu Hailong from Henan province, heard Wuhan was in an emergency, and said goodbye to his family in tears.

He came to Wuhan by taxi at his own expense, also he was one of the most beautiful retrograde.

He didn't know anyone on the construction site, let alone the so-called commute time.

He said that as long as there was work, he would do it.

The sleepless builders, you are laborious!

For many people on the construction site, they ate their first meals at 3pm.

As the Spring Festival Gala began on Chinese New Year's Eve,

The construction workers had just finished their work for the day, and had planned to reunite with their wives and children.

But once they heard it was the task of building the hospital,

At the New Year's Eve, they immediately put down their bowl and chopsticks and ran to the muddy and cold construction site.

On New Year's Eve, they squatted on the construction site all night.

As it started to rain lightly, and sweat and rain mixed into a most special New Year's Eve dinner.

The Spring Festival is supposed to be a day of reunion

Working continuously for more than ten straight hours, without stopping for a water break.

If they had not been completely exhausted, why would anyone to sleep on the icy dirt.

There are also countless volunteers from all over the country who come to take the relay. Waiting for the notifications, setting off at any time, people are here, positions are here!

On the streets of Huoshenshan Hospital, a large number of voluntary free shuttle buses appeared.

Looking at the backs of those ordinary people, willing to contribute whatever they can.

Just say "You need a ride? It's free"

A guy from Shandong province who was tired and collapsed on the ground. He wrote a secret "will":

"Within ten days, the mission must be completed!

If I have an accident, let my son continue to do it. "

Yes, just 10 days

A hospital for thousands of people was built!

Yes, just 10 days

The Huoshenshan carrying the hope of the Chinese people shocked the world!

China's near magical construction speed in these years was plastered over countless international media headlines

"Infrastructure Madness"!

However, these foreigners did not know

The so-call Infrastructure madness

Is a group of ordinary people, doing the greatest thing

Chenzhou, Hunan province

On a 50-meter-high electric tower

Several power workers slept soundly on the iron frame

When the video lens was rotated

You could see the place where the workers rest was very high from the ground

Many foreign online friends

Were moved by the workers in the video

These Chinese workers, were really too hard

They paid their respects in succession to Chinese workers

They are "superheroes"

Without them

China cannot achieve today's landmark achievements

Behind these dare-to-die workers

Cast China you didn't know

Now, among the 100 highest bridges in the world

More than 80% are in China

In just five hours

China can completely renovate the entire railway

Build a national train station in 9 hours

(More than 1500 construction workers, more than 100 large and small pieces machinery were coordinating together)

40 hours to rebuild the bridge

Compared to the workload completed in some developed countries that took several years

(In 2015, the beam replacement project of Beijing Sanyuan Bridge was completed in 43 hours)

The world's longest sea-crossing bridge is in China!

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is 55 km long

Linking China's economic hub

Known as "one of the seven wonders of the modern world"!

All the foreign experts agreed that even spending 1.5 billion

This miracle project couldn't been done

The Chinese just went ahead and did it

A milestone in the history of human bridge construction!

The highest bridge in the world is also in China!

Beipanjiang Bridge joins Guizhou and Yunnan

Equivalent to more than 200 stories tall.

The most difficult tunnel to dig in the world was conquered by Chinese construction workers!

For exactly 11 years, the effort of one generation

Opened up the Dazhushan Tunnel of the Dari Railway!

China's total bridges add up to 1 million

No. 1 in the world

The mileage of the Chinese subway is 3095 kilometers, The United States has around 1,100 kilometers

China is still the NO. 1 in the world.

China's Tall Buildings

More than 6000 super high-rises over 100 meters tall,

Still No. 1 in the world!

Behind these world firsts

Is there such a thing as the angel of construction? It's only these construction workers who are willing to risk their lives

Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital has created the World Miracle

The 10 days and 10 nights' of heroism

Holds these most beautiful miracle retrograde

Thank you!

Amazing Chinese workers!

At the most critical moment, they staged the most beautiful retrograde like the angel in white (doctors and nurses)

We enjoy a tranquil and comfortable life, just because others fight the epidemic on our behalf There are no superheroes, just a group of ordinary people doing the greatest things!

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