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Consul General Ma Zhanwu Meets Indian Secretary General of K2K Forum

On 3 June 2018, Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Kolkata, met at his residence with Dr. Binoda Kumar Mishra, Director of Centre for Studies in International Relations and Development (CSIRD)and Secretary-General of the Kolkata-Kunming Forum. Consul Li Jun and Consul Wang Mei were present.

Dr. Mishra told Mr. Ma that a 20-member delegation from India will participate in the Kolkata-Kunming forum, which will be held on 13 June 2018. The Indian delegation will include governmental officials, scholars, entrepreneurs, representatives from business chambers and artists from Best Bengal, India. The forth-coming forum will give an assessment of the interactions between Yunnan Province and Eastern India over the past few years and will also make recommendations on the future development of such relations.

Mr. Ma expressed his appreciation at Dr. Mishra’s efforts to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and eastern India, especially his work related K2K. He said the Consulate will be ready to help as needed. He also told the Indian scholar about the recent events the Consulate held to further promote growth of the ties.

The two sides also discussed possible measures to enhance the awareness of the importance of the links between the Southwestern regions in China and Eastern India.

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