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Consul General Ma Zhanwu Meets CEO of Nandan Film Centre, India

Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul Genral of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata, met with Ms. Mahua Banerjee, CEO of the West Bengal Film Centre (Nandan), Special Secretary of Information and Cultural Affairs Department on 18 April 2018. Consul Li Suyun was present.

Consul General Ma said that both China and India have prosperous film industries, and the Chinese Consulate General is actively promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in the field of film. Quite a few Indian films have been screened in China and received hearty welcome. The Chinese side would also like to introduce its own films to Indian, so as to increasing mutual understanding and friendship. In June 2016, the Chinese Consulate has successfully held a Chinese Film Festival in cooperation with the Nandan Film Center. It is hoped that another Chinese Film Festival could be held in June this year following the similar pattern, including opening ceremony, reception and screening of about 7 Chinese films within a week, one on each day, at Nandan.

Ms. Banerjee said that there is great potential in the cultural exchanges between India and China, and she is supportive of holding the second Chinese Film Festival in Kolkata this year at Nandan. She hopes the Chinese Consulate can provide detailed proposal as soon as possible for the film center to get approval of the West Bengal State Government in time. she would also like to invite Chinese directors to attend the Kolkata International Film Festival with good Chinese films.

Consul General Ma thanked Ms. Banerjee and invited her to lead a West Bengal film delegation to visit China at her convenience.

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