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Chinese Consulate Kolkata Holds Conference to Promote China's Dali Prefecture

The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Kolkata held a function called “Introduction of Dali Prefecture, Yunnan, China & B2B Conference for Companies from Dali and Eastern India” at the Lalit Great Eastern Hotel Kolkata on February 22 2018. The event was held in cooperation with the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

More than 110 people were present at the function, including Mr. Chen Jian, Secretary of Committee of the CPC of Dali Prefecture and Honorary Chairman of Dali People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Mr. Cai Zhifeng, Deputy Consul General, Mr. M. K. Saharia, Chairman, North East, ICC and Chairman for Promotion of India-China Cooperation, Mr. P. K. Bezbaruah, Chairman of Tea Board of India, as well as other representatives from local industries and institutions, delegates from Dali Prefecture.

Mr. Chen briefed the gathering on the social and economic development of Dali Prefecture, emphasizing on its spectacular scenery, rich resources, vibrant culture, and the ongoing green and shared development. He said that Dali and Eastern India had witnessed increasingly close interactions in recent years and had broad prospects for cooperation in future. More and more Indian students have chosen to study in Dali. As a crucial hub and commercial base for China’s opening-up to South and Southeast Asia, Dali would like to cooperate extensively with Eastern India in various fields, including tourism, business, education, and so on.

Deputy Consul General Cai said that China and India both benefit from exchanges and cooperation on business and humanities, and the Chinese Consulate has been providing support and assistance in this regard. It is hoped that the related enterprises, colleges and universities, local governments from both sides could have more interactions and further improve their cooperation.

Mr. Saharia said that the trade ties between India and China went back to the ancient times and time had come for both sides to further strengthen the ties. Government agencies and enterprises are stakeholders in promoting friendly cooperation between the two countries. He is confident the two countries could achieve in-depth interaction and cooperation with joint efforts. Mr. Bezbaruah said that India and China are complementary to each other in terms of tea production, and the two sides can strengthen cooperation on tea plantation and processing, and promote their tea trade.

During the B2B session, seven Chinese companies, such as Dali Camellia Travel Agency & Dali Regent Hotel, Dali Tourist Distribution Centre, Yunnan Projen Company, Xiaguan Tuo Tea Company, Dali Mineral Water Company, Nanjian Hongyun Walnut Company, Dali Sanyi Tie-dye Products Company, as well as Dali University, had interactions with Indian companies and institutions invited by ICC and other Indian organizations, covering tourism, shipping, power, steel, renewable energy, information technology, food processing, tea plantation, education, and other fields. The B2B interactions resulted in consensus on conducting further exchanges and cooperation.

PTI, Times of India, the Telegraph, the Asian Age, NDTV and many other Indian main stream media agencies covered the event.

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