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Consul General Ma Zhanwu Meets Religious Figure in India

Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Kolkata, met at his residence with Dr. Deenanand Bhikkhu, Care Taker Monk of Mahabodhi Temple on 6 February 2018, ConsulWang Mei was present.

Consul General Ma said that China-India Buddhist exchanges dated back to the ancient time have been an important part of the friendly exchanges between the two countries. In addition,Bodhigaya is the place where Śākyamuni attained enlightenment. Many Chinese tourists visit the Mahabodhi Temple and the Banyan Tree every year. The Mahabodhi Temple has contributed a lot to China-India Buddhist exchanges. He also warmly welcomed Dr. Deenanand Bhikkhu’s upcoming visit to China again.

Dr. Deenanand Bhikkhu said he had visited China several times for Buddhist exchanges and made friends with many Chinese. He would constantlywork on the friendly exchanges between the two countries.He also welcomed the officials from the Chinese Consulate General to visit Bodhgaya.

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