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Consul General Ma Zhanwu Meets Minorities Commission Official of WB, India

Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Kolkata, met with Professor Maria Fernandes, Vice Chairperson of the Minorities Commission of the State Government of West Bengal, India, at his residence on 17 August 2017. Consul Wang Mei and Consular Attache Chen Ankai were present.

Prof. Fernandes said that the State Government of West Bengal and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attached great importance to affairs related to local Indian Chinese, and were dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture to add to the rich diversity of Kolkata. She herself has close relations with Indian Chinese communities in Kolkata, and had been interacting and communicating with them quite often. She noted that she would lead a group of young Indian Chinese from West Bengal to visit China in the coming weeks, and the assistance by the Chinese Consulate was much appreciated.

Consul General Ma said that thanks to the support by the State Government of West Bengal, the traditional Chinese culture had been better developed in Kolkata over recent years, and the local Chinese had had more positive interactions and exchanges with the mainstream society, and had contributed to relations between China and West Bengal. He said that Prof. Fernandes had always been helpful in this regard. He wished the group a successful visit to China and said that the Chinese Consulate would continue to work with her and the State Government of West Bengal to promote exchanges between China and West Bengal, including giving better play to the role of the Chinese community.

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