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Response by the Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata to Certain Misleading Media Reports

Mr. Ma Zhanwu, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Kolkata, held a media briefing on a proposed seminar on 4 August 2017, during which he gave an introduction of the preparation of the seminar, the main contents of the Belt and Road initiative (BRI), and expressed the hope that China and Eastern India can strengthen the exchanges and cooperation under the framework of the BRI.

Asked about the trespassing into the Chinese territory by Indian border troops, Mr. Ma emphasized that the document released by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on 2 August 2017, which is called The Facts and China's Position Concerning the Indian Border Troops' Crossing of the China-India Boundary in the Sikkim Sector into the Chinese Territory, is the most authoritative document regarding this issue, and it gives a full description of China's position. He hopes the Indian side will give top attentions to this document. He continued to say that Dong Lang (Doklam) is Chinese territory, and the Indian troops must be withdrawn immediately.

Regrettably, however, some news reports in India failed to give an accurate coverage of Mr. Ma's remarks, or interpreted them out of context, or even carried fabricated quotations.

It is hoped that the relevant media agencies could make the necessary clarification, and give an accurate coverage of Mr. Ma's message that Dong Lang (Doklam) belongs to China and the Indian troops must be withdrawn immediately from the Chinese territory. Additionally, they should delete the misleading reports from their websites.

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